Dave and Iola Brubeck wrote the book foreword. It begins, Desmond was an enigma. This fascinating book makes him less of one.. She ran away from home after stabbing her father during a fight. Running Gag: Hana’s tendency to create haiku poems on the spot at key points of the story. Shout Out: Akio Ohtsuka gets a brief cameo as a doctor. Before falling in love and deciding to return to Equestria together. Hybrid Monster: Tydal is a capricorn, which is already half goat/half fish. Turns out the fishy part of him is actually a shark; that means Tydal is a Great White that can walk on land, use magic, and is as big as Princess Celestia. No Name Given: Elise’s future mother shows up in the final chapter as Garon’s bedmate, but she’s only identified as some nameless troubadour assigned to help him out of his depression. Perfectly Arranged Marriage: Garon’s marriage to Katerina was arranged by their parents, but they were childhood friends and are deeply in love; other than the business with the concubines, their marriage is perfectly happy. Pillow Pistol: Garon keeps a dagger under his pillow in case he gets attacked in the middle of the night.

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