Ouch. Form Fitting Wardrobe: The clothes in the 18th century basically are this. Four Philosophy Ensemble: Alan as The Realist, Alexander as The Cynic, Nathan as The Optimist, and Beatrice as The Conflicted. Awesome Mc Coolname: Brandon Flowers. Badass Mustache: Drummer Ronnie Vannucci usually has one of these, as seen in the page picture. Flowers on occasions. After Speed and the gang changed the timeline to prevent the Shadow Committee, Zile was arrested, got divorced by his wife and had Annalise taken from his custody. This eventually causes him to reverse his Villian Decay by making him go through a Villainous Breakdown. Visible Invisibility: Speed and Chim Chim become invisible when they accidentally get caught in Conor’s camouflage invention for the Mach 6.

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