Which makes it a Running Gag amongst the readers and staff. A Good Name for a Rock Band: During FFF Rob would often stumble upon some combination of the words and comment «Great name for a rock band XXXX». I Need A Drink: Rob’s Catch Phrase. PATRIARCA: Absolutely. It happens all the time. Senators that AY, one of the most prestigious audit firms in the world, would act as a «prostitute»? I cannot convey to you how startled the senators were. Apocalyptic Log: The last few pages of Robert’s own narrative, which are presented as diary entries, are this. Aristocrats Are Evil: None of the upper class characters come out of this looking too good. Lord Dalcastle is a boozy debauchee, Lady Dalcastle is fanatically religious (although she gets some Character Development), Robert is a villainous hypocrite fake bags http://www.replicahandbagstc.com when he’s not holding the Idiot Ball and even his brother George is portrayed as a hot head who’s rather too fond of the ladies himself.

Replica Valentino Handbags Clingy Jealous Girl: Christina’s roommate Nomi is extremely demanding and possessive, though she also goes to great lengths to protect the woman she cares about. Cloud Cuckoolander: Dom fits the trope. His narrative rambles and goes on some extreme tangents. Call Back: When looking at rows of porn videos trying to find a missing person, Bosch remembers how he once read every name on the Vietnam War memorial for a case. This happened in the first Bosch novel, The Black Echo. Later Bosch’s lover runs her hand over the bullet scar on his shoulder, also a reference to that book. Catching a fish is one thing but catching a monster trophy bass is just out of this world. It is almost like a high that you will want to always chase because you will need bigger fish to duplicate the feeling. It is about the best high anyone could ever choose to have. Replica Valentino Handbags

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